Nutritional Center

1. – I catch colds very frequently. What product would be the indicated one?

R. Vitamin C is an enhancer of the Immunological System that prevents not only colds but many other type of diseases. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS, offers Vitamin C in two concentrated forms:  500mg and 1000mg, the first one for children up to 14 years and the second one for adults of15 years and on.

2. - Which is the ideal way to consume proteins?

R. it is convenient to consume proteins before and after the exercise. Before, it is so that the muscle is prepared and does not lose proteins and later, it is for recovering what was lost. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS offers its line, Sport Nutrition, where you will be able to find high quality and fast absorption proteins like: 100% WHEY PROTEIN for the weight gaining stage, that is to say, the increase of muscle mass without any fat, ISOPROTEIN ZERO CARBOHYDRATES, for the cutting stage, FAST FUEL, a pre-digested liquid protein, of immediate absorption that becomes an excellent source of energy for training and it helps you in a simple way. With a single take of one ounce (30mL) daily, you can obtain your objectives.

3. - I have a very white skin, and I like  to take sun baths or to go to tanning places reason why in my skin there have been appearing a series of spots and moles, I have listened about the benefits of using antioxidants,  What product can you recommend in my case?

R. Firs, you must use the appropriate solar filter before exposing yourself to the sun or solar cabins. With respect to the use of antioxidants  I recommend the use of vitamin E and the Beta Carotene for the protection of your skin and to improve the way it looks (elasticity, brightness, moisture, etc), moreover, the use of Beta Carotene is recommended for people who love getting tanned, it  constitutes an excellent  preventive against premature aging and specially diminishes the risk of skin cancer associated to solar radiation because apart from having an antioxidant such as pro vitamin A is an excellent filter of U.V. rays on the skin. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS offers you both vitamins in two concentrations, Vitamin E ( of 400 and 1.000 IU) and Beta Carotene (of 10.000 and 25.000 IU); during your tanning it is recommended to use both of them in the highest concentrations.

4. - I have varicose vain problems and with the heat of the summer pain intensifies and, particularly much itching in the legs.  Do you have a product that could help me?

R. All your symptoms are because of venous congestion that takes place in the varicose scenarios. This sintomatology is particularly annoying at the time of summer. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS offers you VARICAPS that is product 100% natural for the varicose problem, venotonic by excellence capable to significantly improve the venous resistance and local congestion, reducing in this way the annoying sintomatology.

5. – What product have you got that could help me with my diabetes?

R. The consumption of medicines to reduce sugar levels in the blood is a matter to be taken strictly with your doctor and  it is not prudent to self prescribe medications. According to some medical studies, there are some products that may help, such as Chromium Picolinate which is effective in reducing blood sugar levels in patients who undergo diabetes type II. FULL SPECTRUM with no sugar, a multi vitamin, would be recommended (if the patient does not present any renal problem), since diabetics generally present important dietary restrictions. Furthermore; TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS offers the NONI juice which is a natural product 100% that helps to control the sugar levels in the blood. All these products must always be consumed under the supervision of the attending physician.

6. - for many years  I have been having problems of chronic constipation and my doctor has detected that I am beginning to have colon problems.  Do you have any product for my case?

R. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS offers specific products for your case, on the one hand we advice you to use LINAFLAX, that is a linseed fiber that will help you improve your daily digestion apart from providing additional benefits on your weight control that is the most appropriate to you as well as cardiovascular health. we recommended the use of  COLON CLEANSER, a product also elaborated using natural components that are in charge of cleaning the colon and the prevention of  greater problems in the future. The use of both products must be done the proper consumption of water, at least between 8 to 10 glasses of eater daily for better results.

7. - I was diagnosed with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and I present all the classic symptoms of the disease, I have been told about a natural product that you carry.  Could you explain to me how does this product work and how should I take it?

R. PROSTAGUARD is the TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS product that ensures you a normal and healthy prostate function, this is a formula that presents
Anti inflammatory   properties on the prostate, prevents it from keep on growing and stops the formation of the hormone (DHT) related to the origin of the disease. It reduces the symptoms related to the enlargement of the prostate such as: desire to constantly urinate at night (nycturia), the increase of urinary frequency, residual volume that is when the person believes that he has finished urinating and is not thus. Another advantage is that it does not take part in the determination of the specific prostate antigen as other chemical medicines do and does not affect or reduces the libido during sexual relations.

8. - I have a very busy life, long office hours, take care of the house and many other problems that really make me feel very exhausted.  What products should I use to help myself?

R. Considering that you do not present any health problem, and assuming that your state is the logical result of your own rate of life. A very good possibility of handling this problem effectively, is the use of adaptogens like those of our Natural Herbal Line/: KOREAN GINSENG and G2 (Ginkgo + Ginseng). Ginseng is able to improve your tolerance to fatigue and stress. Another alternative is the use of NUTRA STRESS + ZINC, which it is a product with vitamins and minerals that act on the nervous system, helping in your focusing and reducing the effects of stress.

9. – It’d like to know what product could help my sight, since I have problems when reading at nights, I work in front of the computer all day long.

R. TOTAL VISION is an antioxidant product that prevents and helps with all the problems of sight related to the harmful effect of free radicals, it is a stimulant of the ocular microcirculation, improves night vision and increases the reaction when dazzled by light.

10. - Many people talk about the consumption of antioxidants.  What benefits contribute these?
R. antioxidants neutralize the harmful effect of free radicals that are produced by several factors such as contamination, bad feeding, sleeplessness and bad habits like cigarette, etc. The real benefits of antioxidants are that they maintain a much more resistant skin to the effects of polluting agents, prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, which turns antioxidant into a cardiac protector; it prevents premature aging and powers up the immunological system among other multiple benefits depending on the type of antioxidant. TERBONOVA NUTRACEUTICALS has several antioxidant options, among them: VITAMIN C, VITAMIN AND, BETA CAROTENE, CRONO' S Q.

11. - Do vitamins get you fat?
R. Totally false, vitamins and minerals do not contribute with any calories; therefore they have nothing to do with the increase of weight. The function of vitamins is to ensure the correct absorption and use nutrients by our bodies therefore the increase of weight this directly related to the type of feeding we have and this must be related to the type of physical activity we undertake (that is to say, a person that practices sports, has the option to eat foods in greater amounts than a sedentary person). Apart from the amount of food, it is necessary to take into account its quality; nutrition must be healthy and balanced.